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    Premiere Elements 13 - 3 issues - no disk in drive, project does not show, can I turn a video image upright?


      There was a previous question about Premiere Elements requesting answers about needing a disk to run, but the answers were not relevant to my OS.

      I have Windows 10 Home Version 1067 OS 64-bit on 64x based processor -


      My Adobe Premiere Elements was running enough to work with it to edit a video from my phone a couple of months ago.  I cannot remember if the error message popped up or not, but I was able to work around it.


      1) I now get the "Adobe Premiere Elements.exe - No Disk" error (red circle with x) "There is no disk in the drive.  Please insert a disk into drive E:".  This has 3 buttons, "cancel", "try again", or "Continue".  If I click these buttons repeatedly, eventually this message goes away and it looks like I can use the program.


      However, the program is not working!  Last month, I created some videos on my phone, transferred them to my computer, edited them somewhat, and then saved them.  When I ask it to load a .prel file, it does not.  When I ask it to load the MP4 file, it does not.  Up at the top, the file name is showing - I tried importing as new, opening as old, but I cannot see the visual file or work with it whether it is showing the file name there or not.


      I have disks for Photoshop Elements 8 - and Premiere Elements 8.  I still have them on my computer.  I was able to open Premiere Elements 8.  It also said there was an update for that 8.0.1.   I can open the MP4 in that - and it is showing.  If I have to use my earlier version, I will do that, but then why have I paid for the upgrade?


      upgraded by downloading the Elements 13 programs - so I have no current disks.


      I can open Photoshop Elements 13 and work in it without a problem.  I did not get similar error messages on that.


      I do not use a video editor often - just starting to - so I really did not need a fancy program.  I probably open Premiere about 1 time a year - until recently.


      I really don't want to invest in a NEW product or update if I can't even get direct support from the company on what I have.   It took forever to figure out how to ask a question on site.  The previous answers about this were over a year ago, so I was not confident I would get an answer.


      2) Screenshot below shows "If I Had A Hammer Short" is supposedly loaded, but there is no frame shot showing that I can work with or edit.  It does not matter which file I tried, it did the same thing.  I am able to play the video on my computer outside of elements.  I created the original file and some others at the end of November.


      I did the update/fix as prompted, but the program continued to prompt me to update/fix - after I did that.  There is no change in how this program is working after that update.


      3) When I open my video (when I was able to open) my video in both versions 13 & 8 - the image is turned sideways instead of up and down.  There appears no way to rotate that image.  I obviously want it to run upright instead of sideways.  How do you do that?