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    Camera Raw changes the resolution/image size when I open a TIFF from Bridge

    SuzanneNotSue Level 1

      I scan old photos at high resolutions and save them as TIFFs to restore in photoshop.  When I open these photos from Adobe Bridge CS5.1, they first open in Camera Raw, which I use to make some adjustments, and then open into Photoshop.  Most times, but not all-say if the photo is a square-the resolution changes, thus changing the image size as well. Sometimes it makes the image large, and other times it decreases it.  I have to go into image size and put the resolution back to what it was scanned at to regain the actual size of the old photos. This is tedious.

      How do I get Camera Raw to just keep the same resolution/image size that the image was scanned at?

      Thank you for any suggestions!