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    I need Premier Pro for one month.  How do I avoid getting overcharged etc.?


      Hi there!


      I want to use Adobe Premier Pro for about a month.  I see that I can buy a month-by-month subscription, which sounds fine.  I see that if I just buy a month-by-month subscription, I will be charged automatically every month unless I cancel the subscription. So I will need to cancel it.  But I am concerned that if I cancel early, I will not actually get a full month of access.  So I guess my questions are:  When should I cancel it?  Do I lose access as soon as I cancel?  If I cancel within 14 days of starting the contract, will I end up not having to pay for the 13 days of access I have already had?  If I cancel it "too late" will I end up paying for two-months access?  I was unable to find any clear documentation on this, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.