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    Change custom Vector class to new Vector class in player 10

    flexstone Level 1
      Here is a snippet of Ely Greenfelds code that call his custom Vector class

      var p1:Point = new Point(x,_pointOfOriginalGrab.y)
      var p2:Point = new Point(x+10,_pointOfOriginalGrab.y+1)
      delta = new Vector(p1,p2);

      And here is a snippet of the Class.......

      public class Vector
      public var p1:Point;
      public var p0:Point;
      public function Vector(p0:Point,p1:Point):void
      this.p0 = p0.clone();
      this.p1 = p1.clone();

      Anyone have any guidance as to how to rewrite this to take advantage of the new Vector Class included in Player 10 ?