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    Clicking a graph and linking out

    seona Level 1
      Hi guys,

      I have a set of graphs in my app, several of which are relating to URLs (e.g., the posts with the most comments, the domains with the highest popularity, etc). What I want is that when you click on a bar/column in the graph, it opens the relevant link in a new window.

      I've been able to come up with something that can do it for a specific graph, but since they all have different data fields I need a way to tell the function:
      - what array should it look for the link in?
      - what is the name of the array field that it will find the link in?

      I've attached the test code I've been playing around with (with a hard-coded array and only one array/graph pair, but it will give you the idea). Can someone please cast an eye over it and give me some pointers? I'm rather new to all this.