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    director 11.5 import .dea files not animating

    dir-developer Level 1



      im a scripter

      i can build , move 3D objects


      but i cant get

      bones and bone related animations


      it seems i need some 3e party software for that


      problem is


      there are no tutorials on that


      ofc there are tutorials on how to create bones , animations etc etc etc


      but no tutorials on how to make it for director


      can anybody give a link to a tutorial or example .DEA file so i can see what has to be done and what type of bones has to be used to get it to work in director 11.5

      i also tried ... 3D max export to w3D but that model doesnt even show, the model count is 0 ...


      i made animations in blender, milkshape and 3D max with skin and physique .. but non worked