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    Cannot install FP on LinuxMint 17.3 because of fake URL.

    Nickolay Merkin

      Visited Установка Adobe Flash Player для всех версий

      Selected Linux 64x - Ubuntu (apt)

      "Next" - Adobe - Установить Adobe Flash Player


      The webpage tries to open URL "apt:adobe-flashplugin?channel=$distro-partner"


      On LinuxMint, it calls "xdg-open apt:adobe-flashplugin", it launches a GUI MintInstaller, and it shows a messagebox that "rosa channel is not supported" (not literally - I'm not on Linux now, forgot exact message). Rosa - it's a codename of LinuxMint 17.3

      So I planned to download a .deb package on Windows (and then move it to my Linux PC).

      But on Windows PC the webpage does the same! Excluding that the scheme "apt:" is unavailable, so it does nothing!!!


      My apt-get tells me that I have an up-to-date version of FP - some of january 2017.

      But many webpages ask me to update the player.




      1) Please fix your webpage - let it download the standalone .deb package (in addition or instead of calling the package manager)

      2) Please check/update repositories

      3) Decrease the level of paranoia!!! Do not force users to (fail) update brand new version. Your API has not dramatically changed so that old players would not play actual content, has not it?