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    Lightroom and multiple graphic drivers


      I recently purchased a new , top of the line Dell laptop that has two graphic drivers. I am using Lightroom CC which is current and I am having a problem with the Slideshow feature. When trying to view, download a video , or set up a preview with a set of photos I was able to use on my older laptop (so I know I have them set up correctly), I get a trouble message that says that LR can not function with two graphic drivers and that one of my drivers is not supported. I contacted the Adobe help desk (like you guys, they are always helpful), but they were not able to suggest anything except to disable one of the drivers. My local tech support shop tried this without luck and says that it would also complicate other features on my laptop. The two drivers I have are Intel HD Graphics 530 and NVIDIA geforce GTX 970M.

      I have two questions;

      1- Have you folks run up against this problem and do you know of a fix?
      2- Is there a route I can take to contact Adobe to alert them to this problem and ask them to address it in an upcoming upgrade? If so, who do I contact and how?

      Many of the new PC's, laptops, etc are now equipped with two graphic drivers so this will become an increasing problem.

      Thanks for your assistance.

      Gordon Lorig