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    Can't re registered my PS6


      Help!  I was using my PS6 and somehow It just STOPPED!  I restarted the computer and it would not even open PS6. So I uninstalled PS6 and tried to reenter my Serial Number and it says It has been revoked!  I have since then deleted every photoshop version from SC3 to current off of all computers except my PC laptop.  I did try to deactivate all versions of PS but they all said deactivation unsuccessful!   What am I suppose to do now?  I only want 2 computers to run Photoshop:  My Mac which I desperately need at the the moment and my PC laptop!  Where did the days go when you could just call Adobe for help!


      Please Adobe advise me  on how to activate my Mac Photoshop, it is revoking my serial Number.


      Thank You!