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    Marking topics in Robohelp 7 to filter in Robohelp 2015

    susancvineyard Level 1

      This is our situation:

      We are working in RoboHelp 7.  We have many projects and about 40,000 topics in our current Help.

      We are upgrading to RoboHelp 2015, but not until after one more maintenance release, at which point, we will totally reorganize our Help and use filters heavily.

      I am still editing topics in RoboHelp 7, but am also trying to prepare for the upgrade.

      As I work on these many, many files, I'd like to apply some kind of markers that would help me filter the material after the upgrade. It doesn't have to be picked up by the program, but at least I'd be able to quickly see that "this file is theory" and "this file is a how to," and organize/filter them accordingly.

      Does anyone have any suggestions how I might do that?