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    Proxy requests from loaded swfs?

      I have an existing set of games/interactive swfs that I want to use in an upcoming AIR app. I plan to create a "Shell" application that can load/play the existing swf content. A lot of these existing swfs make requests for external content (XML config files, images etc), and may do so using relative URLS.

      My question is, am I able to somehow use the Shell application as a proxy, such that any requests from the loaded swf go through the Shell, adding a domain prefix if neccessary (sort of like setting a base href tag in HTML).

      An example might be:

      GameA.swf is compiled and ready go. At run time, it loads " xml/configFile.xml".
      I want my AIR Shell, which loads GameA.swf to 'catch' the request and append " www.mydomain.com" to the URL, such that GameA.swf is now requesting " www.mydomain.com/xml/configFile.xml"

      Any help/ideas on this would be most appreciated.