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    Need to downside a PDF but it won't get any smaller

    sarap33634054 Level 1

      I have an indesign project that is about 13-16MB.  I'm gone through and decreased the size of all the jpegs so they are all under 500mb in the file.  I have a few pdf's in the file that are 500-1,000 MB. When I export, I have it set to downsize to 72 PPI but I have the quality set at maximum.  If I decrease that too much, than the quality just isn't as good.  When I do all of that my PDF is still about 7MB.  From there I've optimized the PDF and I've also tried to reduce the PDF size and that only gets it down to about 6MB.  Is there something else that I'm missing.  I've looked at some settings and it shows that my content streams are about 50% which is the same as my images.  Is there something I can do to decrease that.  I basically have text, some arrows, lines, and a table in my document and then the rest is jpegs and a few pdfs.  Are the arrows/lines causing that high content stream or would it be the PDF's inside the document.