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    Partial Audio Isn't Exporting From Premiere Elements


      Hi, I am using premiere elements on a PC. In my timeline everything plays just as it should, but when I export the video as an MP4 or burn it to a DVD there are certain parts of the video that have audio missing completely whereas in the timeline it played the audio just fine. All of the raw video files are MOV files and I have also tried exporting the video as an MOV instead of an MP4, but it still does the same thing. I also exported a single clip in a separate project file from the video that audio wouldn't export from and audio exported on the video just fine. I am very confused because this has never happened to me with the numerous projects I've worked on. Can anyone help?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What media player are you playing your finished videos on?


          Try the free download VLC Media Player. It's an excellent player and playing your video on it will confirm if the missing audio is legitimately missing or is only a glitch in your video player.


          If there is missing audio -- and it's missing in the exact same spot every time you play the video -- then go back to your timeline and see if you can determine what is different about the video or audio files you have at that particular point.