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    AE video preview output lag when working with UHD footage


      I'm running a top spec mac pro, AE, and my I/O is handled by an UltraStudio 4k by blackmagic.  My problem is that when I do a ram preview with UHD footage, playback in my computer composition monitor is real time, but my production monitor (fed by the ultraStudio 4k) runs about 1/2 speed. It has been this way for the last few versions of AE.  When working with HD footage, everything works fine. I should also mention, that all 4k footage I work with is either shot with a Panasonic GH4 (mp4 clips) or a Panasonic VeriCam LT (mxf clips).


      I'm guessing Adobe with throw this issue at Blackmagic, but my hope is that someone else has experienced this and maybe has a work-a-round.