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    Adobe Animate CC 2017 Blending Modes and Photoshop not all importing

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      Hi I am doing a test with a Photoshop psd layer file in Animate CC. I was looking to see which of the following editable layer styles/modes will import into an AS3 fla file. I realize that it is not possible to import all modes into and HTML5 canvas yet. However in the AS3 fla file, I found 2 modes that import as Normal even though they have corresponding blending modes that I have to manually set once in Animate. I'm wondering if this is a bug in animate and if it can be corrected?


      In my case the issues I found with Blending modes:

      --> Add -imports in as Normal, this should be the same as Liner Dodge (add) in Photoshop - this is the only one that is available in HTML5 canvas but also imports as Normal and I have to set manually.

      --> Subtract - imports in as Normal, this should be the same as Subtract in Photoshop

      I have not tried any blending modes from Illustrator CC so I don't know if there are any issues there yet. (Update: I tested the modes from illustrator they are ok, but illustrator does not have add or subtract blend modes, modes that don't match come in as a warning with fuzzy objects)

      Also it would be nice if the blending modes from these 3 products matched and had they same names.

      Wonder if anyone else has noticed this issue?