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    Are paragraphs without CSS classes OK?

    Geobop Level 1

      I watched the series of InDesign tutorials @ Lynda.com and am now focusing on a few specific questions.

      First, I think I remember one of the tutorials saying something about classes that don't have CSS classes assigned to them. However, I can't remember the specifics.

      I'm working on my first epub, and I would like to use the following CSS scheme:

      1) Most paragraph tags would have no class assigned and would be styled by a simple rule in the style sheet...

       p { indent: 15px; } 

      2) A special series of paragraph tags would have a different style. However, I would put these paragraphs inside div's, so the style would just look something like this:

      div.footnote p { margin: 2px 15px; indent: 0; } 

      3) Any remaining paragraphs that require special styling would be assigned classes. They would be the ONLY paragraph tags with classes.

      Is this scheme OK, or is there a special reason I should give EVERY paragraph tag a class?