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    key word non-alpha in LR6

    Gary S .308

      Adobe Stock REQUIRES that keywords with submitted images be organized with the words of greatest relevance to the image be first.  They even have an alert if you submit images directly from Lightroom that tells you the key words are arranged alphabetically and you need to change to their desired order or you cannot submit images!   Most other stock houses have similar requirements and I don't think there is one out there that requires or accepts keywording organized alphabetically.  What are the rest of you finding and does anyone out there have a  simple "workaround" that is effective and simple.


      So why do Adobe Stock and Adobe Lightroom not talk to each other?  Or do they do this to make photographers lives miserable?


      Lightroom  has always had  a horrible keywording function that I have never understood.  It places all kinds of  markers <<<  or numbers  10000460   all the while putting everything in alphabetical order.  When is Adobe Stock going to tell Adobe Lightroom to fix the keywording function?