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      Ik heb 15 opnames gemaakt van een roerdomp die van de ene naar de andere kant van de sloot vliegt. Heb geprobeerd een panorama daarvan te maken en dat lukt maar de roerdomp staat er alleen in het begin en het eind op dus maar 2x van de 15x. Weet iemand hoe ik dit voor elkaar kan krijgen? Bij voorbaat dank!

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional


          You do not say how you created your panorama. Try this way:

          Use File automate - Photomerge to choose and join your image files.

          That will give you several layers with masks built into a single panoramic image.


          You will now need to click on each and adjust the mask so that your bird is visible in each image. Paint with white on the mask to make visible and black to hide. (On the latest versions double clicking the mask will open the layer and mask in Select and Mask - if you do this make sure you save your modified mask as "Layer Mask"



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            D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            There's one problem with that - Photomerge adjusts exposure/vignetting differences within the mask (white), but not outside (black). This is the "auto-blend" part of the Photomerge script.


            So if you manually modify the masks afterwards, you get these hard-edged tonality jumps that are almost impossible to fix later.


            In this case I'd just run "auto-align" (the first half of photomerge), then paint in soft masks manually as needed. These are much easier to correct for varying exposure.

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              davescm Adobe Community Professional

              Very good point Dag



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                ben.engelen Level 1

                Thanks for your respons. I am only using Lightroom so no experience with Photoshop. I can get the panorama and can see that for the panorama the white pieces of the pictures are used. I have no experience in changing a part of the black part into white. Perhaps one of you can tell me how to do that?

                Thanks in advance.


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                  davescm Adobe Community Professional

                  To change the transparency of a mask

                  Click on the mask (once) in the layers panel and you will see it's border change. Then get the brush tool and set the colour to white to show the layer or black to make it transparent. Shades of grey are used for semi transparency. Paint over the image window itself - you are actually painting on the mask.


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                    ben.engelen Level 1

                    Thanks for helping me!! overstekende roerdomp .jpgThe result:

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                      davescm Adobe Community Professional

                      Nice one - thanks for coming back