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    Remote (NAS) folders not available - LR toggles the status all the time.



      I've encountered strange issue with LR. All my photos are securely stored on NAS drive and in LR I just have smart previews. However, LR started to toggle whole folder tree between available / unavailable states so that I can't work on photos comfortably anymore.

      Just to exclude some obvious answers:

      1. I haven't observed any issues with NAS drive (like access issues etc.) - I am using it for other purposes as well (streaming video and music) - everything works perfectly
      2. Local system - Win10 with all latest updates, administrator account
      3. Wired connection (TP, hub)
      4. NAS folder with photos is shared under account that has all rights to files (r/w)
      5. From my system I can access NAS shared folder freely and create, remove files etc. - even when LR reports missing folders
      6. THE ONLY other thing I've observed that might be connected to the issue is that I can't create folder within folder through LR (error message that folder can't be created) - still, LR is able to write and delete files from NAS folder freely ( e.g. during export or when removing source photos)

      This issue was annoying, now looks like show stopper as it happens all the time...


      Any guesses? What should I check first?