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    I am looking at using RoboHelp for a Support site. How do I combine or merge all of my online help projects (Responsive HTML5) into one master project?


      Hi all,


      Over the past six months I have created some small online help for four different projects.


      I am planning to roll out a support site later this year and was wondering if, and how I can merge all of these projects to make one master project, so our users can go to it and self-help. It would be beneficial if users can go to this site and search for all of the available help in one place, which is Responsive HTML output.


      My current support projects currently published independently on different urls. It would be ideal to combine them together to make a super support site. All the while, also keeping them independent (when required) to control publishing for both online and printed manuals. I still would like to keep RoboHelp as the single source of truth and reuse content regularly.


      I would love to use RoboHelp to create and control all of the content on this site, including demo videos etc.


      Any tips, tricks and feedback is appreciated.


      Has anyone used RoboHelp for such a requirement and project? How did it go and what did you learn?