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    Can't get digital editions to open my overdrive book from the library


      I tried using digital editions 4 but it wanted to open it in acrobat reader so I uninstalled acrobat reader no joy. so I uninstalled digit editions 4 and tried 3 but it is still not working . I am using windows 10. Can someone help me please

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          Not an answer but a similar problem.   I'm in the Uk and signed up with eBooks.com and tried to download a book but got an 'Error check activation' message.  I've got Adobe Digital Editions (4.5.2) on my windows (7 os) computer and I've checked that my registration status with Adobe is positive. eBooks.com have advised that the error message I've got means my computer isn't registered correctly and gave me a walkthrough of how to proceed. This didn't work unfortunately, I'm still getting the same message.


          I've contacted Adobe Help and had a brief text chat, but my reply was Adobe don't support Digital Editions and to come to this forum to see if anyone has an answer. I'm a retired old so-and-so, very confused by this digital world, and this scenario is beyond belief to me. I can't believe that my ebookshop and many others haven't encountered this problem and the answer must be out there somewhere.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated (even confirmation that others have the same problem, so I don't keep banging my head against a brick wall trying to solve the unsolveable!).

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            glynnh84907077 Level 1

            Problem solved !

                                          Contacted eBooks.com with a further communication re my problem (only because their business may have encountered my issue before, I don't think it was their responsibility to overcome the problem but, being an Adobe product issue, it should have been theirs).


            Recap on problem : On trying to download my first e-book via my new membership with eBooks.com, I kept getting an error message indicating my Adobe identity wasn't verifed. Confirmed my Adobe ID was in Adobe system and that my computer was registered and recognised by Adobe. Still had the same download problem (hence my post on this forum).


            My last e-mail to eBooks elicited the following walk-throug advice:


            1. Quit Adbobe Edtions.   2. On computer choose 'Start' and search for 'regedit'.     3. Right click on 'regedit' and select 'Run as Administrator.    4. In the left pane of the Registry Editor locate the following key:  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Adept

            5. Select the Adept key, right click on it and select Delete.   6. Confirm the deletion.  7. Close Registry Editor.   8.  Open Adobe Digital Editions and re-authorize my computer again with my Adobe ID .   9. Go to my e-book store and try and download my book again.


            By using the above as a guide I was able to download my book. My computer is running the Windows 7 os and the instructions needed tweeking a bit for my os (I got to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER  location without too much trouble but had to search for the \Software\Adobe\Adept  extension by clicking on various folders in the left pane and checking contents in the large right pane until I found the correct extension).


            Having downloaded my book to my computer I did have slight problems getting it transferred to my Nook e-reader until I picked up from user guide  instructions that Adobe Digital Editions had to be shut down before connecting the device to my computer, otherwise ADE doesn't pick up the device. Having plugged in device, opened ADE it immediately recognised my e-reader and gave me the 'authorise device' option. Having done this, a small icon with my device name appeared in the top left corner of the ADE screen and I was able to drag and drop my new book into the device from the ADE Library.   Bingo !


            Hope my experience helps someone out there.  Good reading, Glynn.

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              Sadly, I have Apple products. And my issue is with library books.  But glad you got yours working.

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                Wow strange. I have the same problem. Discovered it before Christmas but got fed up. Now back at it, trying to correct it. Nothing changed on my computer, just a PC running Windows 10, all of a sudden I started getting this ..."Error. Check Activation" Not sure what it means. Overdrive or Adobe Digital Editions, Re-authorized the device (Kobo), down loaded an upgraded edition, maybe need to go back to 2.0 instead of 4.5. Anyway, nothing changed same error pops up.

                I'll try doing what Glynn suggests. Otherwise, I'll be going to my library. The one time I had a problem I had to renew my membership. Just seems like I did that though. I'll let you know.:)