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    Feature request: Export audio to Adobe Premiere Clip (iOs activity)




      One my biggest frustrations with Premiere Clip is the limitation with importing and editing audio files. Sometimes I just want to use audio I recorded myself using another app (e.g. Voice Memos). Because of that, I end up switching to another app, or using a more complicated workflow importing and exporting small clips from and to various apps.


      These are the options to Select Soundtrack in Premiere Clip:


      The audio recording and editor app I use the most is called Hokusai 2 Pro, likely the best audio editor for iPhone. Hokusai uses ios activities to share audio files to other apps, and with this app I can send my recorded music to Apple iMovie,  Pinnacle Pro, and Filmmaker Pro, but not to Premiere Clip.

      Note I used Hokusai as an example - if you record using the Voice Memos app, the process is the same: tap Share, and see the list of available apps, with title Import with XYZ (see the image above).


      Is Import with Premiere Clip something I can enable in iPhone? If not, I hope this could be considered as a feature, because it would be very useful for making videos.