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    Use anchor to define midpoint of view

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      On the webpage I am making I am hyperlinking to anchors instead of pages, so I can direct users to a point further down on the page, rather than the top. The anchor defines of course the top of the user's view. As I am showing images I would rather like to define the middle. Can this be done somehow?


      The reason I want to do this is to control the position of the motive in the image. My site is responsive, so different screen sizes is not a problem, but different proportions in the browser window makes my page look very odd. I want my page to look nice whether you have all your toolbars open or none, whether you have your browser set to full screen or if it covers only half of it.



      Thank you!

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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          I guess no. If you want your images be in best place you need a widget like "Image Field" from qooqee for example (No, I´m not a qooqee seller) or you change position of your anchor to something like a compromise (who wants a compromise).

          And even when you picture might be in the best place, bad browser-window-settings make everything look bad.

          This might not help–maybe your desire is best placed in the "wishes" section of Muse?

          Bildschirmfoto 2017-01-24 um 13.40.37.png