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    Rotoscoping in After Effects CC


      Hello Everybody,


      I'm currently writing my dissertation about the creative aspects of using Rotoscoping in After Effects CC. Therefore I want to create contours on the edge of an moving Object.I tried Masks and also the Roto-Brush-Tool. I'd say the main differences between those two in AE is that Masks are "Paths/Masks" and the Roto-Brush is an "Effect".

      So for the mask it's possible to apply a contour but not for the Roto-Brush-Path am I right?

      But that is basically what I would like to do as this tool works better for me.


      So I have a few questions to maybe be able to create contours for Roto-Brush:


      - Is it possible to add a contour to the Roto-Brush?


      - Is it possible to create a mask out of a Roto-Brush-Path?


      - Is it possible to import a Roto-Brush-Path into Photoshop? As you can convert the Quickselectiontool in Photoshop to a mask and apply a contour, so that's my idea behind it.


      Thank you for your help,