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    changing the boldness of the type cursor in Windows 10

    keithconover Level 1

      There is a thread "changing the boldness of the type cursor" that is "answered" for Mac, but not for Windows. My problem is that on my high-DPI Lenovo Yoga 3 laptop, the hairline cursor in normal InDesign view is almost impossible to find as it's so thin. Changing Edit > Preferences > UI scaling doesn't work. In Win10, Start > Settings > Ease of Access > Mouse > changing the cursor size seems to have no effect on the InDesign cursor. (Unlike Mac where "changing the boldness of the type cursor" indicates that changing the system cursor settings changes the cursor in InDesign.)


      Just like for the Story Editor preferences, I would like to make the standard-view cursor in InDesign Windows a bit wider so I can find it.


      Any suggestions for workarounds?