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    cfftp to call program on AS400?

    frank000000 Level 1

      During a normal FTP session on the AS400, I am able to put a file onto the AS400 and use a "Call" statement to execute a program to process a file I've just put on the server.


      I do not see a "call" action available for cfftp?  Is there a way to accomplish the program execution described above through the cfftp session?


      Or is there another way to call the program on the remote server by way of Coldfusion?

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          WolfShade Level 4

          I am fairly certain that there is not currently a native way of doing what you seek.  It seems like a security implementation, to me.  Imagine someone with a CF server making FTP connections to any other server, pushing a trojan, then executing it.  Nope!


          Now.. if the AS/400 system were to have CF Server on it, then you might be able to place a CFFUNCTION on it that contains a CFEXECUTE of the newly uploaded file, have the remote server push a file over to the AS/400, then invoke the CFFUNCTION.  Maybe?  IDK.. never tried it.. never had a need for it.