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    Laptop for Videoediting Budget ~2000€


      Hey Guys,


      im searching for a new editing machine. I was looking around for while and found laptop like the Asus ZenBook or the Dell XPS 15.

      But i dont really now if this fits my suits.

      Right now I'm a Editor, VFX Artist in a Studio and meanwhile im studying.

      Cuz im traveling a lot, I need my Workstation with me all the time. So i can editing in the studio, in the train or @home.

      I already got a Desktop for my home so i dont really need a new one.


      I´m working very often with the Adobe Products, Cinema4D, 3DS Max. Most of the footage will be edit in 4K so i need a laptop that can handle this. An 4K Display will be also great!


      Do u have any suggestions what laptop i should buy?


      Sry for my bad english hope u can understand it



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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          It seems to me that a 4K 15.6" display might a terrible overkill.  Does anyone have any experience that can help me out on my negative opinion of that combination?


          I would suggest that you make sure you have the latest in storage capability like the new PCIe x4 M.2 SSD capability in whatever you choose.

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            JFPhoton Level 3

            1.  Any laptop which is strong enough to edit 4K smoothly will need to be PLUGGED IN to an AC outlet in order to work. So, unless you have available AC outlets which can provide the necessary wattage , ( at least 100watts, normally ), the machine will " throttle back" while on battery power,, no matter what the settings.


            2. Asus  ROG gaming laptops have worked well for me and the new ones have so many new components that the performance is able to rival recent desktop systems.  Using a single , large capacity PCI NVMe SSD for everything is now possible, using the M.2 connection. NVidia 1xxx series GPUs with at least 4 to 6 GB of video memory are widely available, as is system memory of at least 32GB. Select a model with enough high speed external ports for external monitors and high speed storage drives. 17.3 inch 1080p screen is a minimum....4K on a small laptop screen is overkill and smaller screens are difficult to really see everything.

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              Immediately apologize for my bad English)))

              I bought a laptop Asus ROG G752VS to work in Adobe Premiere Pro. On the laptop Fixed: 6700 i7 HQ, the GTX 1070, 48 GB of memory, the SSD 256, 1000 SSD.

              When playing video DJI Phantom and 4 CAMERA Sony A6500 (xavc) processor hammered by 100% and start missing shots (CUDA activated support). I understand processor clogged decoding video files for playback. For example, in a monoblock Lenovo ThinkCentre without Nvidia graphics card, only with Intel HD Graphics 520 Tacca passes and no processor loaded on 30-70%.

              Can I somehow configure the hardware decoding of h.264 on 1070 GTX in Adobe Premiere?

              Thank you in advance!

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                Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                It is not good practice to double post on the forums and your post should really be a new item if you really want attention solving your problem

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                  anton88-07@inbox.ru Level 1

                  Sorry, I did not know about it ...