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    Blending modes with blur and sharpen tools



      Can someone explain how the blending modes work in photoshop cc with the blur tool and the sharpen tool? I can't understand this, because the blending modes explainations are based on colors, I mean, the "adobe help" explain them like this way "if you have a layer with a color above and a layer with another color below the result is [...]" ..but when I use the blur/sharpen tool I don't have any color above so I can't understand how the bending modes work.


      Example: If I have a dark and hard edge in an image, and I want to blur only this dark edge with the blur tool, do I have to use the darken blending mode or the lighten?


      I hope I explained myself, thanks!

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          Picture is worth a thousand words. These were all done with a large brush (the size of the area shown with a few passes to emphasise the effect) and are shown at 100% . It shows how the pixels being blurred are blended with the underlying pixels. Not all are useful - although luminosity does come in handy.



          Untouched for blurring:                    Untouched for sharpening :

          Blur - normal:                                   Sharpen Normal :

          Blur Darken :                                   Sharpen Darken :


          Blur Lighten :                              Sharpen Lighten:


          Blur Hue:                                   Sharpen Hue

          Blur Saturation:                         Sharpen Saturation :

          Blur Color :                              Sharpen Color:


          Blur Luminosity:                         Sharpen Luminosity :



          Hope that helps



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            simones45683896 Level 1

            Thank you so much

            I keep open the topic so maybe someone else would like to give other explainations or deepening