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    ID not rotating page for printing


      My tale is a long, confusing mess. The condensed version: Reinstalled Xerox Docucolor 240 printer driver and now InDesign does not rotate a landscape document to print short edge first. This is a document I have been printing on a monthly basis for about 5 years.

      I am using IDCS5.5 on Mac OSX 10.6.8. The document is an 8.5x11 landscape printing on 10x13 12pt C1S stock. I can print it long edge first, but it curls the paper and the back is way off.

      The document will actually print with all the settings on landscape. However, the image prints landscape so only a portion of it is on the page. I do have workarounds to get the job done, but it would make my life so much easier if I can just print it they way I always have.

      I have deleted InDesign preferences, re-reinstalled the printer driver (multiple times for various reasons), restarted the program and the computer but nothing works.

      I've tested printing out of Illustrator with the same specs. It prints perfectly. Otherwise, I would think it was a printer driver problem.

      I'm sure I've forgotten to include some pertinent information, so just ask if more info is needed.

      Any advise would be wonderful!