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    Disappearing Text... A JavaScript Problem?

    JaredHess Level 1
      Howdy RHelpers. Hope you can help here. Especially any JavaScripters floating out there in the ether.

      Our RH-created help file (html help output) was translated into Japanese and has been recompiled on my end using FAR HTML. Over all, things look pretty good. However, while double-checking the file, I noticed one of my topics was missing nearly all of its contents.

      However, when I view the .htm for the topic inside FireFox, it appears fine. If I view the .htm inside of IE, it initially appears fine because IE is blocking the underlying javascript code, I think. If I click to "enable blocked content" from the toolbar, the text disappears!

      Here's a video of the problem in action

      Any ideas why this is fine in Firefox but dies in IE (and subsequently in the CHM viewer)? And how to fix it?

      Thanks in advance.
        • 1. Disappearing Text... A JavaScript Problem?
          JaredHess Level 1
          After much testing by pulling out paragraph by paragraph and retesting, I think I found out the offending code.

          This segment in the a DIV block:
          <p class=List style="margin-left: 64px; color: #0000ff;">
          <span style="font-weight: normal;">‚ð‘I‘ð‚µ‚Ä‰º‚³‚¢

          Notice that the opening bold tag <b>. The phrase is missing the closing </b> tag however. I really don't know why this would cause the text to disappear, but putting this back in fixes it for this topic.

          For another topic with the same problem

          My Japanese code has this:
          <p class=List>ðŒŽ®‚ð’è‹`‚µ‚Ü‚•BƒfƒtƒHƒ‹ƒg’l‚Ì0‚ð‘I‘ð‚µAŽŸ‚̂悤‚É“ü—Í‚µ‚Ü‚•:
          <span class=CODECharacter>
          <br> STR_MEASURE == &quot;‰~ 1&quot;

          The equivalent English code looks like this:
          <p class=List>Define the condition. Highlight
          the default value of 0 and type:<span class=CODECharacter><br>
          STR_MEASURE == &quot;Circle 1&quot;</span> </p>

          The Japanese code didn't have the closing </span> tag and this apparently for some reason nuked the contents. So, a note for all of you doing localization, make sure your translators put the tags back in. It's a real pain to find and fix otherwise.