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    Is it possible to set default image properties?

    SJL_Amplify Level 1

      Is there any way to set default image properties? Every image I'm using in a project needs to have a width of 600 px, a 10pt bounding margin, and a 1 pt black single-line border. I have approximately 600 images to add in this project, and don't really want to subject myself to carpal tunnel by single-clicking through each of these settings in the Image Properties dialog for every single image.


      I'd be fine just setting default margins/borders and resizing each image manually, but I don't even see a way to create default settings for those. I suppose I could create the settings for one image and then cut and paste the HTML for the rest, but that seems an inelegant solution for as robust a tool as RoboHelp is.


      Does anybody have any tricks or hints for a more workable work-around?

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          Amebr Level 4

          I'd create an image style (say, 'fixedwidth' or 'screenshot' or something that makes sense for your images) and set the height, margins and border on the style, then apply the style to each image.


          Using a style also means you can choose not to apply it, for example for narrow images that you don't want stretched to 600px, or you can create other styles to cope with other image situations, say a different border or margins.


          However, I'd highly recommend you use an image editing program to resize the image to the correct width first. You should get better results, and you'll also reduce bandwidth as the file sizes will be smaller (assuming you are sizing very large images down to 600px).

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            SJL_Amplify Level 1

            Thanks, Amebr; I'll give this a try!