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    Adobe Acrobat X Pro - Email Mail Merge from Gmail using Word

    nancyn51565930 Level 1

      I have been using Adobe Acrobat X Pro for several years. Here is the

      primary way that I use it.  Using the mail merge feature from word in the

      mailings tab.  I would 1) create an email document; 2) merge the document

      and 3) attach the document as a PDF.  Last summer my organization

      discontinued using Outlook.  We now use Gmail.  This is where my problem

      lies!  I attempted to add Gmail as an option but the emails end up in my

      outlook folder.  Outlook is completely block by my organization.




      1) Can Adobe Acrobat X Pro be configures to work with Gmail?


      2) If so...can you assist


      2) Is there another Adobe Program that will work with Gmail?


      Thanks so much


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