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    Export Animated SVG

    SpencerSD Level 1

      I am trying to export an SVG file that includes animations. I created my animation in a file set to canvas 5. I have motion tweens on most elements and was hoping they would translate over in the published SVG. I know that you can include JS/CSS3 animation directly in the SVG, but my animations are too complex to do by hand. Also, I cannot use the html5/js method on the site I'm building because it is on wordpress, and I do not have FTP creds, so I cannot create a library directory for the animation. So I was really hoping I could get the SVG to work on its own. Also, I have already tried installing the extension SnapSVG but it did not work because my version of AnimateCC is too new, and the plugin has not been updated.


      What should I do?