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    UI laggy since I switched to 5k displays

    chfilm Level 1



      I was wondering - I replaced my apple thunderbolt displays on a late 2013 maxed out mac pro recently with two Dell 5k Displays.

      Overall, those displays work perfectly fine, no lags or sluggishness throughout the whole system. But I'm under the impression that in after effects, everything has gotten much more slower. Just average stuff like navigating in the timeline.

      Could it be related to the immense work the gpus have to do now? I'm not quite sure though If I'm imagining things, or if it really got much slower, or if it's just the project I'm currently working on.


      Because As I understand, in the mac pro, one GPU is responsible for rendering the screen content, and another one is always dedicated for on screen graphics operations (I would assume that rendering the UI falls under that category, but maybe I'm wrong). In that case I would think that there's still a reasonable amount of performance left in the machine, but it feels realllllllly slow now in after effects, wich is a major setback.