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    After Effects cc2017 720p DNxHD HQ 8-bit not able to render Straight (unmatted) ?


      Hi There,


      Since upgrading to AE cc 2017 we have lost the ability to render Avid DNxHD with alpha embedded and straight (unmatted). When we render with the new native 720p DNxHD HQ 8-bit setting with straight (unmatted) selected we get alpha embedded but it isn't straight (unmatted). When we bring the rendered file back into AE it labels it as straight (unmatted) but it lacks the extra file info to key accurately.


      The workaround we have is to deliver 2 files, the fill and matte. I would like to cut down on storage space and transfer times by getting files with the alpha embedded with correct straight (unmatting).


      Anybody have a fix for this?