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    WebHelp skins refuse to appear or Import




      I'm using RoboHelp 2015 and I want to output to the Webhelp format. I want to customize a few features in the Webhelp (like displaying a logo on the right side of the navbar), so I accessed the Output Setup, created a New Skin, selected Clean_Tangerine, made a couple of changes, and saved it under a new name.


      However, the new skin didn't appear in the Output Setup > Skins folder. I found the .skn file I created (in the !SkinSubFolder!) and tried to import the skin, but no dice: it still refuses to appear in the Skins folder and I cannot select it as a skin In the WebHelp Settings > Navigation panel.


      What am I doing wrong? How can I customize a WebHelp skin for my project?


      Note: I am NOT using Source Control (Sharepoint).
      Note2: Okay... I closed the project and re-opened it. I can now select the new Webhelp skin from the WebHelp Settings > Navigation panel, but it still doesn't appear in the Skins folder, which means the only way I can edit it is via HTML.




      JD Hickey