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    Photoshop layers. Context menu rolled up. Type tool lag issue.


      Hello everyone!


      Once again I'm back to this forums with another Photoshop issues.


      Few months ago I've spent countless hours trying to solve my lagging pen tool issue on Win machine. Without any luck. I was really glad when I've realized that problem disappeared in 2017 version.


      But, one problem disappeared, another one occurred...

      I've switched to a Mac (the newest MacBook Pro) with hope that everything will work better and in a more reliable way. I was in a mistake.


      1st issue. This is what happens when I right click on a Smart Object. Menu is rolled up. See screenshot.




      When layer is rasterized, everything's fine:




      Can anyone help me to solve this issue?


      2nd issue. Terrible text field performance in 2017 version (screenshots come from 2015.5 which is still better than 2017). Please see video:

      Photoshop CC 2017 - Type Tool Slow issue - YouTube

      It comes from another user - I've found it in another thread (I'm not alone with this problem). I've called another designer and he has exactly the same problem.


      My question is, why these problems didn't occur in previous version of Photoshop? I've never had any issues with CS5, CS6.

      CC is a never ending problem solving!