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    Photoshop CC Cinemagraph Video Stutter


      So I've been working on this Cinemagraph in Photoshop CC of a beer pouring into a glass. I have it playing perfectly inside of Photoshop.  The trouble comes when I export it to mp4.  When I loop it, there's a stutter when it loops back to the beginning.  Looking at quicktime player, it looks like it's somehow doing a loop back after the first frame.  Here's a video showing what the quicktime player play head looks like:




      I've tried trimming the beginning and end - there doesn't appear to be any extra frames. It also loops perfectly when I export as a GIF (but the quality is not to the level I need).   So I am a little stumped.


      Here's links to psd file:




      And the exported cinemagraph:




      Can any of you wise people see if I am doing something wrong or if this is some sort of Adobe Media encoder bug/known issue?


      Many thanks!



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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi Pdxsteve,


          I have tried playing the video on various video players on loop it is doing the same thing at my end, I think it is happening because the last frame of the video is different than the first frame and when the video loops back to the beginning it looks like there's a stutter.


          You can try placing a copy of the same video at the end of the first video and try exporting that out as .mp4


          Let us know about the outcome.




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            stevea51364611 Level 1

            Hi Sahil,


            Thanks for taking the time to check out my issue.  I tried your suggestion and placed a second copy of the video at the end of the first and rendering that out as one video that loops.  I definitely saw the hitch when the play head crossed from the first video to the second (not just in looping from the end to the beginning), so something's a little off inside of the PSD. 


            The strange thing is that when I do frame by frame comparisons in the PSD or loop it in the PSD it looks good.  And when I a render out a GIF instead of a mp4, it loops flawlessly without a hitch.



            So it's still got me puzzled.  Am going to back through the Phlearn tutorial I used (How to Create a Cinemagraph in Photoshop - YouTube ), retrace my steps and see if I can figure out if there is a frame mismatch I am not catching.





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              Wondering if this was ever solved?