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    adobe typekit not working with adobe animate 2017

    drotar Level 1

      i am working with adobe animate for the html/canvas animations. however, when using the typekit fonts and making sure i go to web fonts and put in the domain of the site perfectly, the fonts are still not showing up when i upload them to the server and review. they show up on my local server perfectly. I have contacted adobe at least 6 times about this problem but they don't seem very concerned to help. I was wondering if anybody out there has experienced the same problem as i just listed and were able to resolve it and if so, how.


      any insight would be greatly appreciated. i am an old flash guy and know my way around a computer and this software so it isn't like i am forgetting something or so i don't think.


      please feel free to respond to me at drotars@mac.com


      the test website that is not working is http://www.thomasdrotardesign.com/new/