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    Adobe Muse images won't copy and paste?

    Ashley Simo



      I have created a portfolio site - ashleysimonetto.com


      When I right click on any of my images on the web, there is no option to copy and paste or save the image?


      Is there a way to fix this? Am I supposed to place my images in Muse a different way?


      Thank you

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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          You are using 3rd party widgets for the galleries, and, due to the technique, used in these widgets, copying isn’t possible.

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            fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

            This might also sometimes depend on which widget you use, I also use 3rd party widgets sometimes and I had to place a so-called disabler to disable right click at all, because I did not want everybody to download images. In your case right click is possible but only to download some ...html.


            Because of your nice design I would not change widget (you never know what happens).


            If you want people to download your pictures you are free to create another page with another widget that allows download.

            or, even better, to download your single portfolio or all portfolios, why not provide a nice looking pdf with you logo and stuff?



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