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    InDesign -- no selection dot in the Layers panel?

    Rob Ehle Level 1

      In the Layers panel there used to be a little dot/window/square/thingy on the right side in any object's row that would be highlighted when the object was selected. You could select the object, in fact, by clicking on that dot. This is how you could quickly select the object if it were buried beneath a bunch of other stuff. On the other hand, if you didn't know the name of a particular object, you could select it in the document, and its little dot would light up in the Layers panel so you could identify it.


      I'm not seeing this in my InDesign anymore (see attached). I'm using CC 2017. Can someone tell me if this is on purpose for some reason, or is my copy of InDesign just gone screwy?


      Thanks ahead for the help.