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    Burdened by Auto Billing


      I have been an adobe user for many years in school and in my volunteer work.   I recently changed careers and can not bear the financial burden of the Adobe product subscriptions in the coming year.


        I wished to cancel my account but my product subscriptions were from different months.   I'm stuck paying $49.99 to cancel one of my services. I am very disappointed in Adobe for having such predatory billing practices.


      The rep offered to instead credit me 3 months of free service instead, AND REMOVE MY ABILITY TO CANCEL EARLY IN THE FUTURE!


      Just to be clear that would cost me a total of $80.00 instead of $50.00 and present another opportunity to miss the cancellation window!!! Despicable!


      The end result is the same. I no longer require the product.


      You can be sure I will never purchase software from Adobe again!!!!!


      As if having to pay monthly and eventually more than what the products once cost wasn't enough; you make it difficult to cancel?  Sickening!