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    I can't use After Effects anymore—Blank dialog box


      Hey I have a really important issue with the new version of Adobe After Effects. I recently downloaded Adobe AE 2017.1 and cannot use it, I get a dialog box that can't be closed every time I open it. It does not even let the program startup, it says that the weird dialog box is After Effects and It does not show up on my taskbar. I run Windows 10 and I have never had this issue until I installed AE 2017.1, If you could tell me how to fix it or the Adobe AE team could send an AE 2017 installer then that would be great. I cant get the regular 2017 version back because when I reinstall AE it just reinstall's 2017.1, I am honestly freaking out about this and would love some feedback.

      Here's a picture of the dialog box I get.2017-01-24.png




      Please help!


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