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    How to fix Firefox version of website (?)

      Trying again. My first post attempt resulted in a blank page because there was no "post" or "save" function available and I finally gave up in disgust. There is a "Post Message" button below this text box, replacing the "Edit Message" button that was there before, along with the usual "Preview" "Attach Code" and "Cancel" buttons that were always there. No, I'm not kidding. Maybe it will actually work this time. Anybody ever have problems with posting to these forums, besides me?

      Anyway, please take a look at www.cheltenhamhomecare.com in both IE and Firefox and tell me how to fix the code so the bar and email link at the bottom of the page will hug the bottom of the browser window, as they do in IE? In Firefox, the only way to get to them is to scroll down all the way. There must be some solution, right? Anybody?

      Thanks in advance...