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    iOS app hangs after splashscreen, but home button gets it going again


      I have a Phonegap Build android/iOS app that worked 6 months ago. it has now got a slightly modified appearance for a new customer and for Android everything works OK.


      I have now installed the iOS build on our iPad and the app hangs after the PGB splash screen disappears. The screen displays "Please Wait..." (which I think is PG) and the app's footer (which is a company logo) at the top.


      However hitting the iPad's Home button and then tapping the app desktop icon causes the app to continue to the login screen and everything is OK.


      I have rolled back (SVN) to a 6 month old version (that worked then) but I now get the same problem. So it looks like my PGB build environment has changed?


      I should note that I had to delete and recreate the app in PGB (while building for Android). Unfortunately it is of course impossible to rollback this.


      Any tips for where to look in the code/config or how to debug this. My iOS knowledge is pretty limited





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