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    Font Change

    hoa90519171 Level 1

      Hello everyone.


      Is there any way to use javascript to replace the applied font in all documents like the "Type> Find Fonts" function?


      I did a script like this:

      1. Call the Find / Change function, replacing oldFont with newFont in all documents;

      2. Loop all styles and all compound font.


      It is almost work, but there are still two problems,

      1. If some cell is no text but the whole cell is applied the oldFont, Find/Change function is can not change it.

      2. If a referenced paragraph style is using a compound font, changing it will cause the paragraph style referencing it to produce a "Miss Font" Bug.


      So, is any way to call the Find Fonts function? or any idea to change font in all Doc?


      Thank you for your help.