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    JavaScript Question




      I am trying to make a PDF - I want one section to autofill using a java script.


      I have 4 names in a drop down field called: "Site Contact"

      I would like another field to auto populate a phone number - for instance:


      If "Joe" then "1-800-555-5555"

      And an option that if there is no name selected then it is blank.


      Can i do this?




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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          As the custom calculation script of the phone field you can use something like this:


          var name = this.getField("Site Contact").valueAsString;
          if (name=="") event.value = "";
          else if (name=="Joe") event.value = "1-800-555-5555";
          else if (name=="Mary") event.value = "1-800-555-5556"; // etc.