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    Photoshop: Icon workflow issue (set up & export)


      Hi everyone!


      I am close to losing my mind about the following set up issue while trying to create an icon set template for my company:


      There is an icon set, consisting of two layers:

           1) just the basic black symbols

           2) the background


      The goal is to be able to:

      - group icons in folders to apply layer styles to all icons at the same time

      - quickly scale the icons according to the requirements of upcoming icon sets

      - change all backgrounds at once

      - export all icons at once while keeping the single file names consistent for each icon set


      As this is going to be a template, also provided to freelancers, i want to keep it as self-explanatory as possible and to avoid complicated batch loops.


      To fulfill all of the goals mentioned above, I tried the following methods so far:


      # One single workspace:

      Having all icons layered upon each other and only one background layer brings me close but doesn't allow me to quick-export the layers with their file names, as i can't export the icon + the background at the same time.


      # Artboards:

      Focusing on export, this is perfect. Setup: 1 artboard per icon, created and copied a smart object for the background layer in order to change all backgrounds with a single modification. Big disadvantages for the workflow: The icons can't be grouped anymore, so instantly applying a style to all icons in the foreground is impossible. Also the scaling lacks of comfort, as i have to scale every icon on its own (if i don't want to change the scaling of the background).


      # Slices:

      Quite similar to the artboard method, with the advantage of grouping items, thus applying styles to all icons with one click. With the limitation of gradients: Still i can't apply gradients to a group as the gradient area will always refer to the whole workspace. Still the same issues about scaling all items at once.


      So this is where i am, stuck.


      Could anyone please save my day with an idea?


      Thx, Tobias