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    Website without webapps

    rbrtsluk Level 1

      Hi guys and girls!


      Just wondering how devs create a BC website without webapps?


      I'm really struggling to understand why webapps aren't involved in every plan. It is more of a devs tool then a feature for a client ,isn't?

      If I have a client that wants a cheaper website how am I to setup a simple row of 3 content blocks with buttons ...etc and have them easily edit without breaking the code?




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          rbrtsluk Level 1


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            Robert K. Bell Level 4

            "In-Context Editing" seems like it would be the official recommendation.


            I've also seen the Menu module used as a limited workaround for such requirements.

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              Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Webapps - Think about what they are doing.. Dynamically creating data tables for a web app and associations for custom fields and many items stored in them.

              No limit on webapps or custom items to create. There is a limit for custom fields but that is very high.


              You then have infinite layouts for this and output rendering along with the other features. This is quite resource heavy and touches on enterprise level features on other systems you pay 10 times the price for.

              BC would loose money on lower plans.


              In terms of developing you can do things with content holders and utilise other modules (depending on the plan) but as Robert also indicated code the site to support in context editing but as with the plan offers, your site build and design will also be smaller scale as a result. Get what you pay for in the end.


              Compare BC prices to Kentico as an example.

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                rbrtsluk Level 1

                Thanks for the replies guys!


                Yes I did think about In-context Editing but what if the client changes their mind and they want to upgrade the site? Will I have to redo the site for liquid and web apps? that will be painful.

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                  Robert K. Bell Level 4

                  You'd continue using ICE for the things that work well in it, and only migrate the parts that actually need webapp features to webapps.


                  ICE can coexist with Liquid Markup, but they need clear separation.

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                    Liam Dilley Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    BARLEY AND JUST Coexist should be the term. If your still only doing basic stuff/site, defiantly not on a proper site.

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                      rbrtsluk Level 1

                      If I have a liquid menu in my template how do I seperate that if I was to use ice in the page?


                      That's my point Liam I don't really want to setup in-context editing but there is no other way if a client want's to only pay for the marketing plan. I understand what you guys are saying with content holders but the client is exposed to html.


                      So say if I setup in-context editing and show them how to use it then months down the track they want to upgrade and I add a lot more liquid. I will have to show them in-context editing stuff and Webb apps and try to make it all work, it seems messy and un-professional.


                      That's why I think BC should have some sort of web apps to duplicate custom modules even a dumbed down version would help. So your not showing them one process then another.