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    Flex 4.6 RichEditableText text rendering issue with particular font ITC-Zapf-Dingbats_Medium.


      Hi Team,

      I have an issue with rendering the text of particular font family "ITC-Zapf-Dingbats_Medium" with RichEdiatbleText container which is importing the content from textflow.


      This is the original content shows in In-Design-


      but after importing the texflow in RichEditableText, the first line contenttextbox3.PNG is shifted to upside behind into the RET container and output is shown like the content is not present in the box.



      The first char of the content which look like a square box is actually a 'n' char which have font family applied of "ITC-Zapf-Dingbats_Medium".


      I have some scenarios -

      • If the square box and rest content "The address shown above" both have same font size then content is disappearing behind RET.
      • If the square box have font size less than to the rest content then it looks fine, for this case nothing is going to shifted upside behind to RET.

      In the conclusion i found that it is causing the issue for only same or greater font size with square box and content respectively.


      So please advise any solution to render the content correctly in RichEditableText container from textflow with "ITC-Zapf-Dingbats_Medium".


      Dropbox - ZAPFDING.OTF